• my name means ‘sweet’ in certain dialects of India which is ironic as I am usually dreaming in desserts! I am your friendly guide to exploring the world and have some delicious meals along the way, come join in on my travels!
  • I was born in India and moved to London in 1998 at age of 11 where I have residing ever since so I am true indian british with an american education! just like everyone else!
  • I studied at Columbia University in New york where I realised the true potential scheduling & organising and have been an addict ever since
  • I am a HUGE Mindy Kaling fan (Mindy if you ever read this please know how much I admire you immensely and I think we could be great pals not in a creepy way!)
  • I speak few languages (English, Hindi) and still trying to master my conversational french
    • Important french phases : “ou est la rue st faubourg honore?” – “where is the rue st faubourg honore?” mainly so i can shop!
  • Travelling is my passion or really more holidays in other words! best part about the holiday the research in finding the ‘perfect’ hotel, restaurants, shops, sightseeing months before even stepping foot in the destination
  • I am like a child in a candy store when my monthly issue of Conde Nest Traveller arrives in the mail rushing to read it cover to cover making a mental list fo new places to visit, hotels to stay and restaurants to try (adding to never ending bucket list)
  • I travel with a daily schedule which is organised by hour allocating just the enough time for sleeping, eating, drinking, shopping….you get the idea! (yes this sounds nerdy, I get excited of thought of making my travel binder! however; I always manage to get the local gems and make tons of friends along the way)
  • I generally end up speaking to concierge about 10-15 times prior to arrival to make sure they have provided me with all the necessary information and highlights to maximise my time travelling
  • The concierge of hotels is my ‘frenemy’, I love getting all the info, and they are probably tired of my constant chatter even before I have arrived!